February 8th was my 6 month mark of not smoking.  I have SO much more stamina now and it’s freed me up to exercise more and to eat better. 

This website will help to motivate me with ideas about health care for those of us over 40.  Okay, over 50?

I’ll introduce it properly after I get it all set up.

I have a tootsie roll pop in my mouth.  No cigarette.  Not that I don’t still want one but I’m over the initial hurdle of physical withdrawals from nicotine and feeling strong.

Go me!

In my Quit Smoking program with Chantix, (which is the least they can do considering the cost of the stuff!) it is the day to throw away all your cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters and any other paraphernalia you may have around your home, office and car. I had bought 5 packs the day before I quit smoking so I have 4+ packs I ‘m giving away. This exercise freaked me out a little when I first read it because I have been holding an unlit cigarette or only lighting one and not puffing on it. But that is dangerous.

I didn’t have any cigarettes yesterday. I had 3 the day before and one the day before that. My big quit begins tomorrow. This past week has been leading up to it and I think I’ve got a pretty good foundation on which to build a smoke free life.

Today I bought more bubble gum and a package of dum dum suckers and a bag of tootsie roll pop suckers and a tin of cinnamon mints. For tomorrow, I’m going to buy……  kidding!

I have been SO IRRITABLE today but I’m coming around.

QuitNet is a good community of people in all stages of Quitting Smoking. And Chantix has their own support system online, Get Quit.  As of now I’m trying to participate in both of them.  There’s reading and posting and email and phone support so I’ve been busy trying to be a good little student.

I’m thrilled that I can already take deep breaths without it hurting.  Thrilled! And I already don’t get as winded.  I have now cut back from 30-40 cigarettes a day to probably 3 a day.  Did you know there are 24 hours in a day?  Sure is long, isn’t it?

* I’m in my Preparation Week, or week 1.  Preparing to stop smoking on August 9 and be successful by the end of the 12 week period.

That is to be my quitting smoking date.  I’m taking Chantix and the first week on it, you’re still smoking learning about the 12 week program and getting the medicine in your system.  On day 8 of the medicine, is ideally the first day of no smoking.  If you quit in that 12 week period on the Chantix, it is considered a success.  A support system goes along with it on their website.  These two factors make for a successful quit so they say.   I’m counting on it!

The reason for_________________________.  You could fill in the blank with everything pertinent thing on earth and it would fit.

They are one of the reasons I am quitting smoking.

I Quit

Posted on: August 2, 2008

I started Chantix today and it is a 12 week program that helps you quit smoking.  It’s time.  It may be past time.

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